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"Control and Analysis of Economic Activities"

The Department "Control and Analysis of Economic Activities" is a leader in terms of training in the specialty "Economic and Financial Control", providing adequate scientific and teaching staff and maintains high quality in the preparation of bachelors and masters in the field of control and analysis.

The vision of the Department is to develop the leadership positions of the "Dimitar A. Tsenov" Academy of Economics on the market of educational, scientific and consulting products and services in the field of financial control, external and internal audit, internal control and economic analysis, combining established traditions with innovative methods of teaching and science.

The mission of the Department is to provide quality training of highly qualified specialists in control and analysis, able to be realized on the competitive labor market and with high added value.

The strategic goal of the specialty "EFC" is to more fully achieve the criteria of national and European quality requirements in the training of control and analysis, linked to a higher degree of realization of our educational product, through closer links with the practice of applying innovative ideas in the learning process.